KBX Lens Collar ( S )

Available in Red, Black, and Yellow










 ● 100% made in Taiwan with high-end silicone

 ● Patented ridge shape for comfortable focusing and zooming

 ● When putting down the lens, KBX Lens Collar can prevent the lens from rolling

 ● Lower the chances of lenses hitting each other in camera bag




Patented Ridge Shape

 ● Offer better grip when zooming or focusing

 ● Better manual focus with live view

 ● Provide more accurate focusing, especially when recording






KBX Lens Collar are only one size.

Due to the highly flexible characteristic of silicone, it can fit the lenses between 72mm-92mm.



How to know if the lens can fit KBX Lens Collar or not?

Use a tape measure to measure the circumference of the lens.

Any lens with circumference between 22.5-29.5cm is compatible with the KBX Lens Collar




For example, most of the L lens from Canon are compatible (Except 200mm fixed lens or longer ones), from thinnest 16-35L to the widest 85L.

Most fixed lens are compatible too

(EF 85mm f1.8, EF100mm f2.0, EF35mm f1.4L, EF24mm f1.4L, EF35mmf2.0 IS)

The lenses we know that KBX Lens Collar do not fit are listed below

(EF50mm f1.8, EF50mm f1.8 stm, EF40mm f2.8, EF24mm f2.8 IS)