KBX Honeycomb– Comparisons


Test flash with the 600EX-RT in Direct Flash Mode, and no KBX Diffuser installed.




Canon 600EX-RT+KBX Diffuser (Install translucent cover – KBX Direct Flash Mode)





From the test we can see, after install the KBX Diffuser with translucent cover and have a Direct Flash. It shows that we are having a smooth brighten area, and the area shows in a circle shape.   





KBX Honeycomb


Level one – Wide light effect
(Install the KBX Honeycomb bottom base only)








Level two – Medium light effect
(Install full set KBX Honeycomb and set in `Short Mode’)





Level three – Narrow light effect
(Install full set KBX Honeycomb and set in `Long Mode‘)




Click the website below for examples shot with KBX Honeycomb








The photo below is shot with KBX Honeycomb and sets of wireless flashguns